Shopify Website Designer – Leeds, UK

I'm temporarily unavailable.

Sorry. I’m not starting any new Shopify projects until August to ensure quality delivery for existing clients.

New customers:

Can your project wait until August?

You can hire me for:

New Shopify Website

fr. £5,000 one-off

The majority of my new custom Shopify websites requires an investment in the range of £5,000 - £10,000.

If your budget is below £5,000 for a new website you should start with a ready-to-go theme as a proof of concept before investing in a custom design.

How we start a new Shopify website project:

  • Initial meetings: We outline the project brief together to cover as much as possible.
  • Deposit payment: Before I start the onboarding and design process a 50% deposit must be paid.
  • Interactive design process: You get realtime access to the design so you can add comments where needed along the process.
  • Review process: You can review both the design and development 3-4 times each to make sure we cover all your e-com needs.
  • Final payment: Full website ownership is transfered to you once 50% final payment is received.
  • Go live: I'll help you add your domain and set the website live per your request.

6 reasons why Shopify is a no-brainer for selling your products online:

  • Scalable for businesses of all sizes, ensuring smooth handling of increased traffic and sales.
  • User-friendly interface for simple daily store management without technical expertise.
  • Seamless payment gateway integration for secure and convenient transactions with a one-page checkout.
  • Low operating costs with a range of features and plans suitable for all budgets, no coding required in many cases.
  • Global expansion capabilities with Shopify Markets, allowing you to reach customers worldwide.
  • Robust security measures, including SSL certificates and data encryption, to safeguard your store and customer information.

Sometimes you think you need a new re-design...

BUT the answer is closer than that, and cheaper.

Instead of spending all £ on a re-branding and re-design.

Invest it slighly each month to improve your current website, what's working, what's not? Can performance be improved? Mobile experience?

Let me help you outline profit opportunities and key insights for improvements through your analytics.

Contact me for a one-off quote for insights here

Shopify Development

Quotes only

I always offer fixed price quotes with feedback rounds included.

Examples of tasks that improves your Shopify website can be found below – but I'm not limited to only these.

Hire me for Shopify development:

  • Bug-fixes of current theme
  • API Integrations (e.g. HubSpot, TrustPilot, Gordon Delivery)
  • Add upsell in cart
  • Checkout extensions (Plus stores only)
  • New Product Templates
  • New Collection Templates
  • New Sales & Landing Pages
  • Create new re-usable sections
  • Theme upgrade to Online Store 2.0
  • Improve navigation, product filtering and search functionallity

5 reasons why you should invest in Shopify development:

  • Increased sales & conversion rate: Utilise proven features or create custom solutions to improve user experience, sales and in the end, conversion rate.
  • Optimise collection pages: Design engaging collection pages with custom promo cards and optimised filtering to showcase products and brand effectively.
  • Optimise product pages: Use analytics to improve product pages, adding features like image swatches, sticky buttons, and reviews to encourage purchases.
  • Build sales & landing pages: Create focused landing pages for specific campaigns or product launches, with a clear call-to-action to boost sales.
  • Improve shopping experience: Stop guessing and optimise your website based on real user data such as: heatmaps, user recordings, tests and analytics.

Unsure where to start?

Let me help you outline a development brief and actionable insight list to improve your Shopify website.

Contact me for a one-off quote for insights here

Meetings & Callbacks

First, request a quote for your Shopify project. I'll get back to you within 24h and include my availability for both a meeting and callback.

I'm based in Leeds so if you prefer a physical meeting that's possible as well for any larger project. Such as a new Shopify website, migration to Shopify, or custom Shopify app development.

How You Pay Me

You pay any project by PDF Invoice to my Starling bank account. Or, secure online payment link.

  • Projects under £2,500: Paid up front.
  • Projects fr. £2,500 and up: 50% deposit before start + 50% final payment once project is completed.