5 reasons to invest in

Shopify Development

Increase Sales / Conversion Rate

Shopify development allows you to increase sales by improving the conversion rate and user experience on your website over time.

This by either adding already proven successful features within your niche, or develop new custom features that solves a problem for your customers.

I mean... Increasing your sales + giving your customers a better shopping experience?

It's a major win win!

Improve Collection Pages

With Shopify development, you can create visually appealing collection pages that showcase your products and brand in an engaging manner.

You can for example add custom promo cards to break up your product grid with offers, reviews, or key messages about your brand.

So, why is it important? The main goal with your collection page is to either click through to a product page, or quick add a product to the cart. Nothing else.

Therefore testing and improving collection pages is crucial to make it easy for your customers to understand what they're buying.

Improve Product Pages

The customer have now landed on your product page. The main goal here is to make sure they click on your Add-to-Cart (or Buy Now) button.

Shopify development with analytics allows us to optimise your product pages so customers can make informed purchase decisions.

Popular ways to improve this is for example: adding product details sections, image swatches, sticky add-to-cart buttons, upsell recommendations, countdown timers, tooltip popups (eg. size guide), trust building boxes, or customer review sections.

Sales & Landing Pages

One popular way to increase sales and narrow down new audiences with the help of Shopify development is with new landing pages.

The goal with a landing page is to create a focused experience for your customer.

You highlight one key offer (or message). With one call-to-action.

New landing pages are commonly used for: flash sale promotions, paid marketing campaigns, SEO keyword rankings, or specific product launches.

Shopping Experience

By optimising navigation, design, sections, key-pages and device experience, Shopify development ensures that your customers have a user-friendly shopping experience.

This is achieved by reviewing analytical data, heatmaps and user recordings regularly.

This will make sure your website is up to date + easy to explore for your customers.

All so they can make a purchase and increase your sales.

Shopify Development

Project examples:

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Can you recreate a section or feature from a specific website?

Yes, I can recreate sections and features from your competitor or inspiration websites.

Request a quote from me and include the details together with the link so I can properly research the feature. Then I'll reply with a fixed price quote.

How do we pay for your Shopify development projects?

PDF Invoice, or online payment link.

All projects below £1000 = upfront payment before development start.

Everything above £1000 a 50% deposit must be paid before I start after we've outlined the development project in our initial meeting.

The remaining 50% will be paid once the development is approved by you.

Once the final payment is completed I'll give you full ownership and help you push the new feature into your live website.

Contact me if you want to pay through invoice and bank transfer.

Don't know where to start?

Don't worry. It's very common to have a custom request, or a meeting before getting started with Shopify development.

Contact me here